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PoPApps - People Olympics App

  • Download the App and enter the PO World: Welcome!
  • Choose in the city page the event you like
  • Click and Join it
  • Have Fun!!!

PoPApps is the App for the People Olympics Social Game. The App allows the user to keep track of latest created events of its team city.

In the "City" screen the user can access latest events (created and approved by the city organizer), details on who is participating and when the event will happen. The user can thus "Join the event" to contribute to city team success.

By Joining an event ("Join Button") the user can register and participate in the event he is interested in.

Once the user has registered to the event, the event will be listed in the "Me" screen where all the (future) events joined are listed.
From "Me" screen the user can create new events selecting "Create new Events Button".
From "Me" screen the user can also spend the credits he has received for its game activities.
In the "Spend Credits" screen different available gadgets are included to be purchased as well as a list of initiative sponsors.

Finally the "Planet" screen the user can see all the city that are participanting in the game with their ranking level updated in realtime.
Join the People Olympics community and participate in the Game!!!

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