People Olympics Newsletter - Edition 3

People Olympics Newsletter - 3

The 10,000s strong teams competing for their city WellBeing, fun and social transformation


4th October 2015 - People Olympics Cardboard race

First concurrent event within the People Olympics initiative. It will take place in several cities compeeting for the overall cardboard race winner. Best design...
Each city jury will select its city champion. The overall winner will be selected by an international jury.
Participating cities: Belfast, Bilbao, Coventry, Istanbul, Milano, Roma, Saint Etienne ...

Each city is free to organize diverse physical activities during this concurrent event.

Highlight of best People Olympics events so far in 2015

Belfast - Playground event with kids and People Olympics Committee @ICE/IEEE2015

24 June 2015: the People Olympics committee during the meeting @ICE/IEEE 2015 discussed the 2016 edition. We visited the installation aroud Belfast city for "People Olympics": the result has been a funny game with an interactive pole installation in the park.
Kids won the match again the People Olympics Committee.

People Olymipcs Spring Event in Bilbao 2015

6 June 2015. A succesfull Spring Event was organized in Bilbao together with Euskaltel with around 200 participants sharing activities and traditional sports. A roundtable workshop (with the participation of companies, institutions and sport professionals) was also organized and scheduled took place in June the 19th to discuss about women, sport and technology.

People Olympics Tous Champions event in Saint Etienne: a best practice to imitate!

On 16 and 17 march 2015 Cité du design organized a Tous Champions for the Opening of People Olympics Spring 2015. Many installations were created and activities organized in a full district for the amusement and wellness of all the participants involved.

People Olympics event in Rome

First day organized in Rome for the Sprint People Olympics on 26 April. In the wonderfull frame of "Villa Ada" park in Rome a full morning was dedicated to open-air activities involving families, kids and anyone interested in spending a day with fun and active people outside. People Games Roma
The result was a fantastic event to replicate soon in October!


Coventry first People Olympics Spring Event

Coventry People's Champions is the brand created to encourage all Coventry people to be more physically active in many ways and with the added dimension of fun competition between other cities around the world!.
"A brilliant time was had by all and we are looking forward to next events!!"

Great innovation in Taipei: 300 ComCare stations installed!

Taipei Living Lab, very active in People Olympics, is collaborating with some City governments to set up 300 ComCare health stations around Taiwan since May 2015. This is a perfect coronation of a spring period full of activities, fun and participation in the PO events there!


People Olympics App - PoPApps

Download People Olympics PoPApps for Android and iOS and start to create events for your (trial) city, join and have fun!!

Want to join People Olympics 2016 as local organizer? just do it!

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