People Olympics Newsletter - Edition 2

People Olympics Newsletter - 2

The 10,000s strong teams competing for their city WellBeing, fun and social transformation


It is time for: "2015 Spring People Olympics"

We are launching the 2015 Spring People Olympics: the competition with a team of 1.000 people in each local community, reflecting the local demographics. The first game will start on 21st March 2015 and last for the whole spring until 21st June 2015.
Participant Organizations will have to register for the 2015 Spring Olympics at:
Official launch of the 2015 Spring People Olympics will be on 30 November 2014 in Rome during People Olympics International Committee meeting.

People Olympics Achievements 2014

It has been an intensive period for People Olympics in 2014. PO concept has been validated in the trials organized in several cities. Results will be presented  in Rome at the IForum - People Driven Social Innovation Wellbeing, Energy and Cultural Heritage Event. :

You will have the opportunity  to adhere to the People Olympics Manifesto and to assist to the unveil the Healthy Index formula!

Do not miss next PO event on 1 December 2014 in Rome.

People Olympics 2014 trials


27 March 2014: Bilbao within the International bilbao flagConference on Technology, Sports and Wellbeing held at the University of Deusto and organized by GAIA, the Association of Electronic and Information Technologies in the Basque Country, and Bilbao Ekintza, the municipal entity that drives the generation of social and economic wealth for Bilbao.
20 September 2014: GAIA and Bilbao Ekintza ran Bilbao’s second trial with the participation of more than 500 people of all ages. People Olympics' trials were organized trough different activities like canoeing, paddle surf, pedal karts and pedal buggy.


8 May 2014 and 8 June 2014: Basaksehir Living Lab Opening Day and Eat and Walk event with sport gaming and culture event in the city. The Eat and Walk event, started 2 weeks before the activity (by informing people via Basaksehir Municipality and Living Lab web site, social media platforms and SMS) gathered 57 people that has participated and have been involved in different sport, cultural and social activities.


10 May 2014: Warm­up and event co­creation competition in "Stadio dei Marmi". The Event included a co-creation session for the best event for the initiative based on participant rating.
The event was concluded by the "Prosecco Marathon": a walk to "Ponte Milvio" followed by a drink to celebrate the first official initiative of People Olympics in Rome.

Saint Etienne

20 May 2014: physical and collective sport activities in the frame of "Une Ville en partage" initiative."Tous champions" the initiative proposed in collaboration with People Olympics and Laboratoire de Physiologie de l'Exercice (Université Jean Monnet), Saint- Étienne Métropole, Mixeur, Cité du design. An interesting experimentation was carried out within the measurement of physical activities and ... emotions.


8 July 2014: People Olympic Open Event "to deliver the health concept, to inspire people to value their health and to arouse people’s enthusiasm in exercise".


20 September 2014: Rho-Milan, "Parco de Vecchi" - day for all ages dedicated to lab, dance, basket and volley and donkey promenades for a special day dedicated to healthy activities, inclusion, social interaction and culture and within People Olympics initiative.

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Workshops and Conferences

ICE 2014 - People Olympics Workshop

June 2014 - Interesting arguments and co-creative results raised during the 20th edition of the ICE Conference 2014 where People Olympics played an importanto role with a dedicated workshop.
The audience discussed also on the rules adopted for the 2014 trial and the metrics to be put in place to measure people health and fun.
Co-creation activities were also organized to understand the role of physical activity in the cultural, social and health factors in communities and cities.

People Olympics co-creation workshop in Amsterdam

September 2014 - Excellent People Olympics co-creation workshop was held in Amsterdam last 4 September.
Among the results the roadmap for 2015 Experimentation was defined: The first game will start on 21st March 2015 and last for the whole spring until 21st June 2015, based on competing city team of 1000 people.

Coming Soon

- 2015 - "Spring People Olympics"

- Healthy Index calculation for City realt-time competitions

- PoPApps - update

- More events, more fun, more interaction, more healthy and happy People

Stay tuned...

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